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Hi, im andrea


How I Can
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Andrea has a wonderful massage practice. I tried something new for me, that she offers: lymphatic massage. I found this to be a relaxing whole body massage session that left me feeling relaxed and refreshed for a couple of days after. I now alternate between regular massage and lymphatic massage every other session!  Andrea has a calm demeanor and ready recall over a variety of subjects and weaves a comfortable conversation throughout each session.  It's a treat to make massage here a part of my health practice.  Megan



I have been mentored with Andrea and every time I have walked away with a new perspective. Her insight and ability to bring out of me my best person and open my world to new hope for today ad my future is all wonderful.  This has helped me be at peace with myself and to be able to make my future what I want it to be. I am a better individual because I have mentored with Andrea

- Donal 

Andrea is an incredible mentor. I gained so much clarity and insight into my connection with my husband and also in my Personal Power while mentoring with her. She did a very good job at creating a safe place to talk about some issues I was having in my relationship with my husband. I felt that she was supportive and  yet willing to help me to see my part and what I could do. I The weekly "homeplay" that she gave me really helped me to continue growing and learning and I am still using some of the ideas we came up with. She facilitated some amazing Belief Breakthroughs for me! I look forward to mentoring with her again in the future and I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor!! Thank you Andrea for your time, efforts, understanding and friendship!

- Josie

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